How many days does it take us to receive the quotes after we submit the request?
We don't guarantee any specific date. But you should start receiving quotes from within 24 to 48 working hours. We usually verify the quote requests within 24 hours from your submission and will forward it to all appropriate vendors. The Vendors start responding quickly.
Are there any hidden costs for requesting, receiving or getting a vendor through TWDM?
No. Our services to you are absolutely free. There is no initial cost, service cost or any other hidden cost and you are never charged even after getting the right vendor.
Will TWDM use my data for any other purpose?
No. We do not store your data. We only forward it to the ideal vendors and help them to get in touch with you.
Will TWDM mediate or help to do any other project coordination with vendors?
No. We don't provide any project co ordination with vendors. It is a free service that only serves as a bridge between you and the vendors.
Is there any specific point to be taken care of while submitting the requests for free quote?
Yes. You should fill in all the fields given in the form with correct information to get the best price from the vendors. If you need to give any additional details, use the comments column. The more details you give the more accurate quotes you receive.
How many project requests will I receive per month?
We will not be able to guarantee any number. However, but you will start receiving requests within a short period of time.
Will TWDM provide any other assistance than forwarding the requests?
No, TWDM will not provide any further assistance other than the above mentioned.
Will I get discount if I subscribe the service for more months?
TWDM never charges from you. So there is no question of any monthly subscription. Enjoy our services for free.
Are you looking for more business in the above mentioned areas? Add your company details to TWDM directory. Clients who require the listed services would submit the request for quote; accordingly all those requests will be screened and e-mailed to you. TWDM's role will end here and you would be free to reply to the client with your quote and take the communication forward.
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